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Weapon Passives

Weapons in Overpower play a huge role in the combat.  Each weapon has a unique passive designed to promote a certain style of play.  Choosing the right weapon along with your gems will create a unique build allowing you to choose the playstyle that suits you best. Below are  a few examples of the weapons you can choose and the corresponding passive abilities.



Beefcake Passive

  • Beefcake Passive
    • Grants the Warrior a shield when attacking a new target. Can stack upon multiple targets.
  • Frost Bite Passive
    • Every light attack briefly slows enemies. Light attacks deal reduced damage.
  • Power Play Passive
    • Every light attack restores power, which enables the warrior to Trample more often.
  • Face Shredder Passive
    • Landing 3 Light Attacks will power up the next attack to deal extra damage.



Higher Intelligence Passive

  • Frost Passive
    • Hitting an enemy with light attack applies a brief slowing debuff.
  • Fiery Passive
    • Hitting an enemy with light / charge attacks applies a fire damage over time.
  • Blood Seeker Passive
    • Light attacks actively seek blood changing directions homing toward enemies but dealing less damage.
  • Higher Intelligence Passive
    • Attacks charge significantly faster.



Blade Surge Passive

  • Blunt Blade Passive
    • Blunt Dagger blades have a low chance to stun enemies on hit.
  • Life Leech Passive
    • Attacks slowly leech life from enemies over time.
  • Blade Surge Passive
    • Attacks have a low chance of infusing the blades with lightning and greatly increasing attack speed.



Fleet Foot Passive

  • Fleetfoot Passive
    • Hitting an enemy with a Light Attack will grant a small burst of movement speed.
  • Heavy Hitter Passive
    • Light Attacks on enemy targets can trigger an instant Charge Attack.
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