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Warriors are master of brute force!

They rely on size and strength to bash their enemies with a good old fashioned axe.  Getting caught in a warrior’s path is a death sentence.
Difficulty Level: Hard

Warriors are incredible strong damage dealers.  They rely on constant gap closing and using Trample to lock enemies down.  They are difficult to play because they can be preyed upon by ranged classes.  If a warrior can stick to a target they will destroy it very fast.  The Warrior’s ability kit is designed to let players play a “tankier” shield oriented build or burst DPS health restoring build.


Class Ability: Activated with Shift


The Warrior rushes forward closing to the gap between him and his enemies. He briefly stuns enemies he collides with.

Gem Abilities: Activated with Q,E


Blood Thirst

The Warrior enters a Blood Thirst state. Killing an enemy while in this state heals the Warrior and extends the Blood Thirst state.


The Warrior jumps into the air and slams the ground dealing heavy damage to enemies low in life.

War Cry

The Warrior lets out a War Cry becoming temporarily invulnerable and increases his damage based on the amount of health he is missing.

Stone Guard

The Warrior releases a damaging absorbing shield that momentarily protects him from harm.

Crippling Strike

The Warrior strikes his enemies slowing their movement speed and dealing damage.

Sonic Slash

The Warrior swings his Axe with such force that magical energy shoots out the end of it travelling forward.

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