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Rangers are expert marksmen!

A Ranger’s quest for steady aim is never ending!
Difficulty Level: Hard

Rangers are one of the strongest classes in Overpower. They can destroy enemies from across the map without being seen if they can land their skillshots. Dealing with the aggression of melee classes and hitting your target makes playing Ranger very difficult. However, once mastered they can be highly lethal force.


Class Ability: Activated with Shift


The Ranger tumbles in any direction and gains a short burst of movement speed.


Gem Abilities: Activated with Q,E

Net Shot

The Ranger fires a Net Shot rooting enemies in place briefly.

Flame Shot

The Ranger fires a flaming arrow dealing continual fire damage over a short period of time.

Lifesteal Shot

The Ranger fires a deadly arrow that deals damage to his opponents and heals himself for an equal amount.

Crippling Shot

The Ranger fires a concussive arrow dealing damage and slowing the movement speed of his opponents.

Seeker Shot

The Ranger fires an arrow that seeks out enemies with low HP, locking on to their position.

Rain of Arrows

The Ranger reigns down arrows at a target location dealing damage to all enemies.

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