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Currently there are 5 unique game modes in Overpower.  We plan on continually updating and polish these modes based on player feedback and experience.  As the game progresses we will be expanding into new maps and modes!

Combat Based Game Modes
  • Deathmatch: Bloodbath, instant respawn, great way to polish your combat skills!
  • Team Deathmatch: Like a Deathmatch, but your buddies got your back!
  • Last Team Standing: Round based matches, no respawns until the one team is wiped out. Great Arena practice!
Objective Based Game Modes
  • Control Points: Fight over strategic crystals. Each crystal grants points for your team. At 250 /  500 / 750 points your team gets a buff! First team to 1000 points wins!


Mage vs Assassin Control Point Battle

  • Critter Capture: Capture all 3 critters from the enemy team and safely return them to your base to win the match! Each critter gives you a unique ability so choosing the right one is important!



Felcat : Grants a movement Speed buff to Captors
Tortoise : Grants a damage mitigating shield to Captors
Skunker: Releases a damaging and slowing poison trail behind it


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