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Assassin’s are pupils of the Shadow Realm!

They can transport their physical bodies into the Shadow Realm and use its power to unleash devastating attacks upon their enemies!
Difficulty Level: Easy

Assassins’ are really strong high DPS melee fighters.  Stealth allows them to engage and disengage from combat at will. With a combination of both melee and ranged attacks they are well rounded and highly capable killers. Be careful though although unseen by the enemy an Assassin can still be killed while stealthed.



Class Ability: Activated with Shift


The Assassin becomes briefly stealthed and gains movement speed.

Gem Abilities: Activated with Q,E


Face Kick

The Assassin kicks an enemy in the face, briefly stunning them and dealing damage.

Dagger Rain

The Assassin spins in a circle showering daggers in all directions dealing AOE damage in close proximity around yourself.

Shadow Shield

The Assassin shields himself in shadow becoming immune to all damage. This ability can be cast twice before going on a long cool down.

Slowing Poison

The Assassin coats their daggers with a slowing poison. The next attack poisons enemies slowing them and dealing damage over time.

Cursed Blades

The Assassin uses the shadow realm to curse their blades causing the next attack to do extreme damage to the enemy.

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